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My Live Life

Today,  Live Life is about optimum emotional health of body mind and spirit Living my Life to the fullest that my lifestyle can afford me.

I have achieved this state of mind, by being aware to all the labels in my life and being in gratitude to all the experiences and sensations.
How did I achieve my ideal life, a life that resonates and works for me?
Awareness, allows me not to forget the labels that drove me down the road to trepidation and I am able to live more easily in The Now.
I learned my relationship wasn't so much about losing or changing my labels but more about accepting them for what they were and perhaps still are but just reframed.
I learned when one can learn to live their lives unencumbered by labels one begins to understand that labels may have been the vehicle but where living life truly begins is in a world where labels  are invariably just generic descriptions of a label and there is another life to the label that exists prior of beyond labels.
‘When we are doing something we really enjoy, it could be a walk in  a park or by the sea. It could be a sport, going to a concert or opera or reading a book or writing poems.
But when we are experiencing the moment of whatsoever we are doing we have no need for labels and most certainly we are not looking at our own labels.
From another perspective perhaps as sophisticated as we might perceive ourselves to be we may be just a pawn in a much larger game. We may have just begun our journey into what and how we might evolve.
Even if all the computers manufactured in the world today were put together to create the world's most awesome and powerful electronic brain in the world. This electronic brain would only have the capacity of a fraction of what our brains are able to achieve given the right timing and space.
Therefore however sophisticated we believe we have become, have only just now begun our journey that can be even beyond the wildest of wherever our imagination can take us.

The following is an illustration of how I created my Live Life Label wall.

Wall No 1, sees the labels that really work for me and are incorporated into My Live Life wall. 
Wall No 2,  sees labels that were in my life making no distinction between good or bad, right or wrong.
By illustrating every label that made up my life I could see the labels I could see value in and wanted and the labels I wanted to discard or shift
Wall No 3, a positive wall lists all the labels I wanted in my life. Wall No 4 sees all the negative labels that were included in the 2nd wall, but including all the labels I wanted to lose or shift.
Wall No 5 illustrates labels that remain still part of my Life's challenges.
Once all my labels were mounted on walls whenever the need
arise’ d I would be able to look at the labels and see whether there was room to relocate them thereby reframing or just my perception of my relationship with my labels had changed.
What I do not do, is constantly look at the labels on the walls.
I look at them occasionally because I know the way my brain responds the best is when the need to look at them arises and only then will I invite myself to take a very gentle look.
Now it is your turn and accept my challenge to do as I did and create the LIVE LIFE in you!
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