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To Be Continued?


Loners are those that are perceived to be alone and prefer their own company to others. It appears to be a trait inherent to them and the cause of the symptoms can be from psychological trauma to personal reasons. Those on the ASD spectrum who have difficulty with verbal communication and who may appear to be more locked into their own world, rather than communicating with others could be considered to be loners. The challenge for labelling someone a Loner is that it is unlikely they chose to be this way. Something very likely occurred that was beyond their control. Whilst it might seem that Loners lead very solitary lives, it would be wise to remember that their minds are probably locked into the Dangerous Mind Sky scenario. Continuously invasive thoughts are blocking out the sunshine in their lives. At LWL, no matter what the severity or classification of a label, there is nothing that is not possible as long as one has the awareness of possibilities. Just a reminder, once a Loner, not always a Loner and when Flowing Mind Sky suddenly emerges, then you will know what is possible.