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Joint Attention Deficit

Joint Attention Deficit is one of the key symptoms seen early on, when an infant learns to recognize an adult's gaze and orient their own gaze to follow it and then look in the same direction. Joint Attention deficit is prevalent in people within the ASD Spectrum. A continuously invasive thought can change the way one thinks. It can put up an invisible wall, create unseen barriers and in this case it is preventing one from recognizing something that should be innately recognizable. Living in Troubled and Dangerous Mind Skies can do this. The invitation is to be aware that such a deficit is just another label. An infant may be frustrated because she or he cannot see the relationship of what you or I can see. If you can reassure your child or the adult, that although they have this disorder at the moment, it doesn't mean it will be there forever. They will be able to recognize something again, but they will have to learn to be disciplined in the art of patience and the belief of possibilities.