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Delusions or False Beliefs are described as false, inaccurate beliefs persons having this disorder hold onto, even when they are presented with accurate information. The challenge in our world is that society has chosen this to be one disorder that offers the worst threat to the safety of others. Yet because society thinks this, the diagnosis may be delivered to those afflicted in the form of a very invasive thought; which only adds to the already intolerable, invasive thoughts already present within them and takes them on a journey which they believe is beyond their control. To understand the scenario they are living in, one has to try to be concerned with their needs as challenging as it maybe. Society sees them permanently in Dangerous Mind Sky. They experience a quagmire within an unnerving chaotic storm. Their thoughts are forever churning and swirling. There appears to be no end in sight of a means for un-knotting their knotted thoughts. These people need to know is there is always a solution. The brain does not give up its determination to repair. We as humans may not understand, even with all our intelligence and technology, that the brain with its capabilities of thought and mind may have its own inherent tool kit to enable endless health for the self's psyche and spirit. The challenge is letting go of these thoughts and feelings and simply accepting that anything is possible. Once this message has been accepted by the afflicted brain, a miraculous healing process has been affected and this should be mankind's first lesson on being mindful of life.