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Behaviour Disorders

Being mindful of all that is possible is the best remedy for any diagnosed condition. Possibly the main challenge for all of us to contend with, is becoming attached to the label of the condition we have been diagnosed with. Any label can create an innate fear of being judged and we will often lean upon the label for support. From the mind's eye the view of the fear that is created, manifests itself as an invasive thought varying in intensity, pending the severity of the condition. The challenge for many of us is that such fears we dwell upon and thus can thwart us from reaching our goals. The Life without Labels ethos is to view labels as an illustration of a particular condition, as opposed to being misleading and confusing. Hence if a label can illustrate a condition, without manifesting into something other than its original purpose, then that label is worthy. However, if this is not the case then it is best to be labeless. At life without labels we do our best to disseminate labels through the clutter of references attributed to the labels of all sorts of conditions such as, mental disorders, phobia's etc and illustrate a clear pathway through it to a life full of rewarding clarity. At Life without Labels there is a great deal of emphasis given to Autistic Spectrum Disorders, Autism and related disorders. Attempting to clarify a label attached to this immense group of conditions is no easy task. There is nothing wrong with being diagnosed with an ASD or Autism, so long as one has done enough investigation to pin point more or less what the condition is and any label attached will illustrate this. The same can be said for most labelled diagnosis