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To Be Continued?

The New Autism

There is a strong belief by a growing many that Autism is not a disease or illness but a new genre in sociiety. Like any other label Autism is just a label and does not describe the content or the merits of those that are supposed to inhabit their label.
It is a tragic notion in society that Autism is a pandemic. What has become, is new idea of what Autism is.
Autism is a generic description of a multitude of labels belonging to the most creative and talented beings on the planet.

Everyone of us is no matter who we are has a Humpty in us. Things just happen. But amongst the Things Happen part is where our creativity and talents lie. What we are seeing is a new movement in the Autism Genre who are learning how to reframe the labels in their life. When others with similar labels see what is possible, because they may not have the ability to also join this new Autism movement doesn't mean they can't. This is because they cannot be aware there is something deep within their automatic mind preparing them for a journey where one day they will wake up and learn they too have joined the new Autism Movement.