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Life Without Labels Guide

Life Without Labels Guide

Hi there, my name is Laurence Mitchell and this is an invitation to live life at Life Without Labels.

What is Life Without Labels?

Life Without Labels is a new experience in a website community.
How many of us can say we are living life to the fullest irrespective of challenges, issues, hurdles, obstacles and other restrictive labels that may be prevalent in our lives?
There are people is this world who have achieved their ambition and created their ideal life living in the most inhospitable of conditions, therefore it is my invitation to you that all things are possible and to create your ideal life is possible too.

Part of the Life Without Labels ethos is to show to you how You, can embrace change, creating your ideal life by becoming your very own mentor and begin to coach or mentor yourself. That's right, you are not imagining the words that are written.
The website is broken down into several sections in content:

What is Ethos and Invitations?

Ethos is what Life Without Labels is all about. It is a way of life. It is about joining a unique community that invites you to embrace change to create your ideal life.
The ethos a Life Without Labels is all about invitations, therefore both the ethos and the invitations are one with each other guiding you to make subtle changes to the labels of your life. When you can learn to create subtle changes you automatically are stimulating the part of your brain that stimulates you to creating your ideal life.
Our brain prefers the softer approach offered by Invitations that give it the space to do what it the brain does best.
So many of us will have been conditioned to learn a certain way but the many may be blinded by their limitations and may not LIVE LIFE to the fullest because of their limitations.
At Life Without Labels you will be invited to new ideas that will enable you to create your ideal life, made for you by you.
What Life Without Labels enables you to achieve is becoming your very own Life Coach or Mentor and then you can create your own ideal life.

How to use the labels

Each label bears a short description of the content of the label.
Some of the labels are designed in such a way as to illustrate how you can turn a negative word into a positive word just by rearranging the letters in the label.
Every wall will have at least one label.
Each Label may lead on to a sub wall with further labels that in turn will illustrate a new message or promote a service. There is no limit to how many sub walls or labels you can attach to your wall when you create your own wall.
Your next step is just to simply wander around any of the labels on the walls. There is no particular order as there is no necessity for any order.
There's even no need to look at any label more than once because your brain has remembered what you have seen even if your conscious mind is unable to do so.

How to Find Synergy with a label

Your next step is to  see which of the labels you find synergy with and write these labels down or create your own walls, your own labels and your own descriptions by joining the Humpty community at Life Without Labels. My Invitation is to click here to register to become a member of the Life Without Labels community.
Then the rest is up to you because once you have joined, created your username for example; Humpty_istheone, created a password you would have completed the registration to become a member.
Whenever you want to view all Labels, please scroll down to bottom of page.
At Life Without Labels you will see a number of Brain Exercises of which the game of Live Your Mind Sky(link to game) is by far the most beneficial.
It can be an exciting game because not only will it bring you closer to whatever you are seeking in life, but also it can help you kick start the process of creating your Ideal Life
Another understanding of playing the game is that it can be played by you or many others.  Whether there be one or thirty there is equal opportunity of everyone achieving a  wonderful reward in playing the game.
Because you will all benefit it isn't about quantity but more about quality so the more people playing the game the more diversity you will get from playing the game.

Invitation to play "Game of Live your Mind Sky"

What does this game invite you to do?

The purpose of the game is to show you how you can improve your lifestyle, in a variety of different ways that will maximize your potential and benefit your health too.  You can see the game without logging in, but to play the game log in first by clicking here.  By playing the game you will be able to look at all the things you want in your life and remove anything that you don't want.

How do I play the game?

Playing the game is very simple.
You will see four skies each with varying amounts of blue sky and clouds ranging from white and fluffy to extremely stormy and the character Humpty Dumpty.
Look at the key words and phrases in each of the skies and create labels the ones that appear to be generally relevant to how things are in your life. Compare words and phrases to what you feel is going on in your life. The more comparisons you recognize existing simultaneously in your life and in a particular sky, will indicate that this is the sky for you to be in.
This will be your starting point in the game. Whichever sky you play in, you will take on the character of Humpty Dumpty.
You move the  cursor and place it on any point in your sky.

What Sky Are You?

In the Game of Live your Mind Sky the weather in the sky is compared to the weather we experience everyday in our ever changing lives with the clouds acting out life as our thoughts.
Now imagine you are really enjoying your life and you look up into the sky and you see a very vividly blue sky, you are happy and feeling fullfilled. Because there are no clouds in the sky your mind is feeling at peace with itself. This is called Peaceful Mind Sky.
The other sky which perhaps is an even better sky to exist in is Flowing Mind Sky. Flowing Mind Sky offers the serenity of Peaceful Mind Sky but also allows the mind to wander and connect to much of what Living Life is all about. In the Flowing Mind Sky you would see a sky thriving with richness but you would see clouds too. The clouds could be all sorts of types but in the main just making there way across from one side of the Horizon to the other. This is akin to the mind as you enjoy your day and are in such a relaxed mood just rewarding you whatever the day beholds.
However there may be some grey clouds in the distance, it could be just a shower of a storm. In the case of your sky you know there could be some trouble brewing and some of your thoughts more invasive but because you know there is no telling what the clouds are actually going to do they may all dissipate without warning and once again those what were once invasive thoughts have long gone before they even arrived.

The Flowing Mind Sky is by far the most awesome of the skies to be in and it is where you will thrive the best and a great aim to be in life.

Choosing Your Labels

You will be taken to a variety of words and phrases that describe where you are in the sky and how this relates to what is going on inside of your head.
It is beneficial to create labels of all the words and phrases that you feel relate to you. The ideology behind creating labels of words and phrases and by populating your wall is that you choose the words that best describe what is going on in your life. Then it is up to you which words you wish to keep or delete from your labels.
Every time you create labels, add or take away a word, your brain is reacting to what you are doing and saving it in the appropriate part of the mind. The mind stores both positive and negative words where they can be accessed when required.
If you delete any of the words it will be like putting them into a recycle bin. The words are not completely deleted unless you choose to do this, but they have been taken away from either the other positive or negative groups of words.
Once this is done there will be less clutter and more clarity to focus on what you want.
The more focus you have in your life, the more you are moving in the direction of the sky you prefer to remain in.

What happens if I start in Troubled Mind Sky and I find myself in Dangerous Mind Sky?

Don't be afraid of starting off in Troubled Mind Sky and then later on finding out that what is happening in your life relates more to Dangerous Mind Sky. There is no reason for you to be afraid.
The point of the game is to be mindful of what is happening in your life and being able to be in any of the skies without being afraid.
There is absolutely no benefit playing the game if you are not completely honest with yourself, or of starting in a sky that does not truly represent what is happening in your life such as Troubled Mind Sky, because you thought it would enable you to take a short cut to a more cloudless sky.
Trusting yourself is a very important point and if you are unable to be honest with yourself then it might be a good time to consider why that is.
However, if it is the case that you cannot trust yourself to play the game by the rules then it might be a better idea for you to start in Dangerous Mind Sky.
Please don't be afraid of starting here because there is nothing here at Life Without Labels that wishes to bring harm into your life.
It may require a little courage starting in this sky but if you connect with the descriptions of Dangerous Mind Sky and you start there, you are being completely open and honest with yourself.

How do I recognize when I am making progress in the game?

The more time you can give to being in the game, the more Invitations you will give yourself to remove the negativity in your life and replace it with positive thoughts. Once you are able to make any improvement, you should be able to feel it.
It might be that your head feels a lot fresher or you have less clutter inside of you and more clarity.
On the other hand, you might find that people are noticing little things about you that makes them feel more comfortable being in your presence or you in theirs. You may also find you are less fearful of your fears or even that some of your fears are no longer present. (Link to Lost in Translation).

Try to imagine you are standing on the roof of the tallest building in your area and you turn you body round 360 degrees. You may only be conscious of thinking about certain things that you can see within the circumference of your turn. This is because the conscious part of the brain is limited in the amount of experiences that are remembered or felt.
Maybe you noticed a far off hill, people below in the street, someone waving from a window, a bus, a truck, and the clouds in the sky.
However much you are consciously aware of, your brain on the other hand would have taken in far more information.
Think about all the in-between spaces of what you saw.
You didn't notice the plane high in the sky, or the geese flying through the clouds or the traffic jam along the motorway too far off for you to see, or the argument between two car drivers.
The brain sees or senses things we don't see. Maybe, now you can understand how much information is actually being stored in your brain. LWL invites you to understand what is going on in your head and live a more stress free life by learning how to de-clutter your mind.  
The following is a demonstration in playing your game.

Your destination

In order to move to your destination you have to find your origin. For my example I use ‘The Dangerous Mind Sky’ as my starting point and I have chosen five labels;

Abused, Aggression, Burden, Compassion and Emotionally Damaged.

Freely being able to move from one sky to another is what Life without Labels is about. You are humpty, your lifestyle is the skies and the labels illustrate the pain and passions that may be in your life.
Looking at each of the labels or the phrases linked together. See if any resonates with what is going on in your life that you would like to change. Make a list of your chosen labels.


In any form is unpleasant. Maybe you feel humiliated and wish those who are closer to you be more understanding. Often, it is people who are not happy with something inherent in themselves who look for gaps in other’s mental defences just because they need that person to vent their feelings and anger upon, to justify their own actions.


An angry mind may manifest from nothing. It could be someone or something has upset you and you feel humiliated. Or, it be an argument the night before and you feel contact with anyone may set your aggression off. This is something for you to think especially if there is someone close who you care about and don’t want to see them be hurt.


Difficult and Invasive thoughts. When things become too much for us we may find we want to be left completely alone because we believe we have become a burden everyone.. However such feelings are very invasive and may make us do irrational things that may endanger the well-being of others and ourselves.


All too often is the case that when we are very down our mind acts out the self looking for safe answers. Being compassionate to someone else’s needs is something to be in awe of because only a minority of people are likely to be innately compassionate. However, searching for compassion to satisfy one’s own needs is a different story. Seeking compassion from others may be seen as attention seeking and all you may likely to do is alienate that person from you. Continue to do it with other people and you may end up a very lonely self. But, if there is someone closely associated to you in your life who is making your life a misery reaching out to them for some of their compassion is only likely to see them seeking more weaknesses in you.

Emotionally damaged;

Extreme hurt; It is one thing cutting your finger and feeling the pain of doing so than some major calamity happening in your life that may have detrimental effect to your emotional wellbeing.
An abusive relationship or someone being continually abusive may be the obvious causes to leaving you emotionally shattered but remember there are other circumstances that can you leave you with these feelings too. But the one thing to consider is no matter how bad things may seem never consider yourself emotionally damaged goods.

What does your destination behold?

Live Life

One of the things we should all learn, is to expect the unexpected in life. When we can adapt this way of thinking we can initiate changes we never thought possible. It is normally our perceptions that make things worse or better than they are and is where our problems may lie. But the more we are enveloped in awareness the more opportunity of getting the best for us out of life. Lost in translation becomes us when we awake up one day and we are aware of things we hadn’t felt for a long time or we are aware that others around us appear to be smiling more at us Click here for lost in translation.
Here is an example of a list taken from Flowing Mind sky.


Sometimes we find ourselves searching for answers that are not there. Maybe it is that we get ourselves into situations that may or may not have anything to do with us. Yet there are other people who appear to get on with their lives without ever finding themselves in similar situations.
*When we are immersed in awareness to our experiences we generally become more aware of everything in our environment that may affect our well being. The more aware we become the more appreciative our brain is to the experience. Accepting this way of thinking leads to a much more fruitful and rewarding life.


When we find synergy with Flowing Mind Sky, forgiving comes naturally and we knowingly are mindful. There is always room to forgive no matter what the circumstances. Forgiving walks hand in hand with gratitude therefore we can be grateful in this knowing.
One of the virtues of gratitude is the 'doing' without the need of 'expectation' of any form of thanks or reciprocation.
There is a saying 'two sides to a coin'. This phrase can be used in all parts of our lives. Maybe you believe you have everything you want in your life. Being mindful of this you can say to yourself that you are grateful for this insight. Or, something is not right in your life, someone is giving you concern. Be grateful they have brought their 'concern' to your attention. Think about what they might be blind to. When you can be aware of the other side of the coin you have more opportunity for working with this person in understanding their grievance to you and this you are in gratitude to.


To be happy is to be on the road to being of peace of mind and happiness. When you are able to be truly happy you find thoughts that disturb you no longer affect you the way they once did. This is not only the start of true happiness but also one of the most important things to be in gratitude of.


Promotes all feelings of passion, zest and desire for all aspects of life. It is not always so easy for everyone to show 'love'. However, your interest of love is you.. Love is infectious; even to someone who finds love distasteful it is surprising that even they may become infected with love.

What can you discover by clicking What is Autism Label?

This section is particularly strong in the support and understanding of Autism, and related disorders.  You will see the heading University Challenge. These walls illustrate much research that has been undertaken by the many universities around the world. You will see posters, that are illustrations of work carried out by one or  more researchers who have interest in researching literally every area that falls into the Autism Spectrum Disorder.
These Posters offer you tremendous scope to learn more about a specific subject or subjects and the opportunity of getting in touch with authors of the posters as most of their contact details are present on the posters.
Copy this and remaining associated textThere is those learned people like Professor Simon Baron Cohen and the community he researches in, who research every aspect of Autism.
Having attended one of his lectures at the 2008 National Autism Socitety Conference in London as well as attending IMFAR

Power Words

Three words you will repeatedly see throughout the website is

invite, invitation and Invitations.

These three words are amongst the most powerful affirmations found and are an integral part of The ethos at Life Without Labels, as the ethos is all about invitations and being invited.
You will also see the words;

accept, acceptance aware, awareness and gratitude, possibilities.

. These are amongst the most powerful words we all have in our vocabulary and knowing these words can really help you on your way to create the life you want to created for you and the type of words you need to be invited into your life.

Q and A; Creating Your Own Wall Technical Stuff.

The last section of the Life Without Labels guide focuses on the technical side of creating your own walls and includes snapshots of the screen you will see after you have logged in to your account.
Firstly, you need to log in.The log in button is on the top right side of the page(your screen)
The following is a snapshot of the Login screen  
username: humpty_
lost password?

username: humpty_
lost password?

After you have logged in click on 'My Account', this is your area where you can begin to create your ideal life or just use the labels to enhance whatsoever it is that you would like to do.
Your next step is to view 'My Account', you need to be registered and logged in first.
But in case you have not joined yet as a member the following images are snapshots of what the pages in My Account look like.
After you have logged in a drop down box will appear to let you know you are logged in.
Your next step is to click on my account.
The following page snapshot will be seen.
Your next step is to click on the Manage My Wall Button.
My Account
My wall | Personal details | Manage My wall

There isn't any label. You can create new label  
The first thing you will read on the page is; 'There isn't any label followed by;
You can create ' new label'.
Your next step is to click new label'.
The following page snapshot of the new label page will appear. This is where you create your new label.
My Account
My wall | Personal details | Manage My wall
Label Font Size:
Just above the new label tab that is not seen in the snapshot is a grey label. This is where you create your the name of your label.
Depending on the amount of words on your label you may be required to change the size of text otherwise your chosen text will overlap the edges of the label.
You do not want this to happen.
The best way of avoiding this is to immediately after you have created your label click the apply changes button.This will save the information on your label and any text you have written in the text box immediately below the grey label
This will take you back to the beginning of the new label page. 
The following page illustrates how the page will look after you have pressed the create label.
My Account
My wall | Personal details | Manage My wall
label title
first label
sub labels
new label
Now click on My Wall, a new page appears. The following is a snap shot of your first label and first part of your wall. you can click on the label to view any content. You will also see immediately above your wall, Humpty Dumpty.
Your next step is to click on the go back button so that the following snapshot can be seen and click on the Manage My Wall Button.
Evertime you want to add a new label you click the Manage My Wall button.
My Account
My wall | Personal details | Manage My wall
label title
first label
sub labels 
new label
You will see that the edit screen has changed.
On the left side is your label title on the right side is the heading commands. Just under this heading is sub Labels followed by a blank space followed by edit and delete and just below new label(clicking the new label tab will take you to a new screen where you can add your new label).
To add a new label click on the Manage My Wall button, the following snapshot is brought up.
My Account
My wall | Personal details | Manage My wall
New label
Label Font Size: 
After creating your second label the following shapshot is what you will see. What you cannot see in the snapshot is your new label but if you click on apply changes and then click on go back and click on Manage My Wall you will see the following snapshot.
My Account
My wall | Personal details | Manage My wall
label title
first label
sub labels
Second Wall
sub labels
new label
Now you will see your edit screen has chaned you have two rows;
to the left of the page you have your two label 'first label' and second wall.
To the right you have in the first column the label sub labels followed by a down button, an edit button and a delete button. Below the two rows is the new label button.
Click the new label button to create your third label and repeat the pocess as seen in the page snapshots above. Your new edit box will look like the following page snapshot.
My Account
My wall | Personal details | Manage My wall
label title
first label
sub labels

Second Wall
sub labels
up down

third label for wall
sub labels
New label
Now you will notice in the centre column both down and up buttons that allow you to move your labels up and down your wall. These up and down buttons are very useful if you want to change the postition of your labels on your wall.
When you press a sub label you go through the same process of building you wall from scratch.
Your new label now will read, 'Third label in Wall'. However to fit all four words neatly into the label it will be necessary to reduce the size of text to no 15 or less.
Making adjustments to the size of the font is necessary so that your words do not overlap the title on the labels.

Now you are ready to Play the Game of Live Your Mind Sky.