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To Be Continued?

Juke Box

Music To My Ears, is Brain Food or Soul Food. It is the Music in my life. It can be what my heart hears or sees.
Scientists recently discovered there is brain matter in other parts of our body and since it is best to think with our heart this makes sense.
The music in my life is what clicks for me. My beautiful and wonderful memories are what keep me alive.
Idyllwild now stands at the top of the lst with its village like atmosphere offering the most awesome and creative energy around.
But there are plenty of other places closer to the heart of my soul. Hebden Bridge in Yorkshire is another place. Even Atlantic Road in Brixton a wonderful example of a new and upcoming Urban Community reminds me how cities like London are changing, not longer just cities but coomunities within communities. Durleston Country Park in Swanage brings me to the heart of the Scottish Highlands by it's sheer wild desolate countryside and coastline. Perhaps one my favorite valleys has to be the Manifold Valley near Buxton in the heart of the Pennines.
Back accross the waters the Phoenix area of Arizona has a place in my heart. Where else could you jog up and down to the summit of a 3,000 foot mountain in time to eat a great breakfast.
Perhaps, the list could go on almost endless.
Soul food isn't just about the beautiful places but the music in my life too. Beethoven 7th symphony, 2nd movement is for me the appotheosis of all that dance can offer me to my soul, psyche and Spirit.....
How one short piece of music can bring me so close to divinity remains a mystery but mysteries are sometimes better left be.
But then certain passages of music in Beethoven's and and 5th Piano Concertoes can knock me senselss let alone the openning movemement of the fifth symphony.
But Freddie Mercury of Queen. John Mayall, Pink Floyd, Ginger Baker of Cream. Madonna, and countless others.
Bring in the combination of Paul Robeson in his song Ol Man River, Louis Armstrong, the actor's Dustin Hoffman, Jodie Foster, Sir Alec Guiness, Spencer Tracey,
Yes, I am a bit of a science Fiction Buff, love episodes of Star trek, Doctor Who, Star Wars and action films too.
This is just a small part of the combination that makes up me now it is your turn to tell yourself what makes up you.