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Weather in Your Sky

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There will be seen reference to the 'Mind Sky'. This refers to one of the four states of mind that we find ourselves in. Clicking on the following links will illustrate each of the skies Peaceful Mind Sky, FlowingTroubled Mind Sky and Dangerous Mind Sky,
mind sky.
The metaphor, 'weather in the sky' resembles our mind. All you have to do is look up into the sky. One moment the sky can be completely clear of clouds, another moment clouds can appear and another moment they can vanish.
Sometimes the clouds may be heavy and dark in appearance and at other times the clouds can be fluffy and white. Particuarly but not necessarily you may see very high clouds in the sky either first thing in the morning or later on in the afternoon. 

Now I would like you to imagine that your mind is like the sky and that your thoughts are the clouds.
Just as clouds appear or vanish so do thoughts. Some can be comforting thoughts wheras others can be heavier so the weather in the sky becomes very characteristic to what can goon in your mind.
One moment we are content, another we might be in Zest, another moment we could be sad, or it could be disappointed, frustrated, happy, angry and lots of other emotions and feelings that describe a state of mind we might be experiencing.
We could experience all of these labels associated with labels in our life in a matter of a few minutes, hours, a day, a week, a month and so on. There are so many things going on around us at any one time that have little to do with us but needless to say may touch upon us in one way or another that we have no control over. Likewise no one has yet to be in control of the weather. No one can dictate it will rain in Spain or be without rain in London. 
We are rarely aware of experiencing an event until it is upon us and unless we are fully aware of what might be going on in our sky we will have little say in what comes next.
Many of the Autism Labels are reflected in the skies of dangerous and troubled mind yet if we give ourselves a chance and really open our eyes we will see the are a lot labels associated with Flowing Mind Sky.
When we can be enveloped in awareness we can believe in possibilities. Awareness and possibilities walk hand in hand and then it is possible to change our relationship with any label others may have atrtached to us. 
When you are able to do this you may be able to nurture for yourself a rather special surprise. Labels that work for you instead of labels that work against you.
Now it is up to you to embrace the change?