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A Public Autism Resource.

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What is Life Without Labels?
Hi- My name is Laurence Mitchell and I would like to tell you about LIFE WITHOUT LABELS.
It’s a comprehensive resource -offering you answers to everything you always wanted to know about Autism but you couldn’t find the answers to.
This web resource offers expert help, advice, information support and possible remedies for those within the autistic spectrum.
Whether you yourself are autistic, or your interest is that of a parent, carer, or therapist, Life without Labels brings together interested parties, within a safe social media framework.
Your guide through the world of Life Without Labels is Humpty Dumpty; but not the Humpty of the children’s nursery rhyme. This Humpty is no longer a broken egg, for there’s no chance of him, falling off his wall, since he tore off the labels that others  had pinned on him.
Life Without Labels is where you, or anyone you know and care about can, like Humpty, tear off any undeserved or unnecessary labels.
Life Without Labels  Guide
Please refer to the Life Without Labels guide for all questions and answers relating to Life Without Labels.
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