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Becoming your own mentor and learning to coach yourself is the Life Without Labels Way’, that enables you to adopt unique but simple rules that will invite subtle changes that teach you to extend an invitation to a new way of thinking by inviting you to reach into this superconscious part of your mind.
This is the part of the mind that maintains the very basic running of your body’s vital organs, your breathing, your heart, the blood circulating around your body reaching all the parts it needs to sustain your life. These are the thoughts processes that occur without your having any knowledge other being aware of you functioning as a human being.
By reframing, reorganizing, shifting or just simply changing the relationship between the way you think and your life labels. That is shifting thought or what you were told is not possible.
The very profound subtle changes can be so small that you may not even be aware they are taking place until you wake up one morning and realize that negative traits  that was once a part of you is no longer a part of your life and you continue to make similar discoveries about the changes that are taking place inside of you. Then you become attuned to these remarkable changes occurring in your life and you become aware of no longer needing undeserved or unnecessary labels.
There is almost nothing that you will not be able to invite into your life when you learn to Live Life that is the essence of Optimum Emotional Health for Body, Mind and Spirit and the Way of Life at Life without Labels.
When you are able to gain insight into wherever your life’s journey is going to take you, you have only just began to learn to Live Life with the best yet to come.