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The 2nd Wall; Conscious Choice
Once Laurence was able to create a wall with every label in his life, he looked at his wall and he was able to see which labels he wanted to change because  he no longer had or wanted a relationship with those labels.  Once Laurence made conscious choices he was able to create a new wall of positive labels inviting the labels he wanted in his life.
 Laurence was taught by his mentor that what was in his life before, no longer had relevance. By creating a 2nd wall and calling it  ‘Conscious Choice’, he was inviting the labels he wanted in his life. Laurence was able to view his positive life labels with more clarity. He began to understand that his relationship with his life labels showed some of these negative labels under a different light.  Laurence began to become aware that it was not so simple to change his negative labels because he was not ready to do so or he could put them away into a part of his mind where he had no use of them hence creating a new wall that would be set deeper into the wall and labeled by labels to lose including the unnecessary and undeserving labels.
Now Laurence was ready to go to his destination and fulfill his dreams.
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