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What is the Life Without Labels way?
The Life Without Labels way is about building your own unique life metaphor which is all about learning to becoming a mentor and coaching yourself.
By being able to do this you invite challenges that invite more positivity that in turn, create; Optimum Emotional Health for Body, Mind and Spirit and this is when you have the opportunity of losing the identity you have with any undeserved or unnecessary labels that other’s may have attached to you. Now you can then learn to be comfortable and content with your life labels that in turn will invite fullfillment into your life.
But in order to be able to do this there are some basic rules you need to follow;
Firsty, you will need to learn to become honest with yourself and you can do this by clicking here  to read the honesty label rules.
Your next step is to read look at the rules on the Choices Page by clicking here. Once you have completed these steps you will be ready to go to the destination page that illustrates where you would like to be in your life by clicking here.