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Early Learning

it is poppycock if anyone tells you, you are too old to learn.Life is all about learning. When we are born we learn from the sensations of our experiences. As babies we learn to differentiate between vocal sounds and our brain is taking in an immense amount of information from all aspects of our senses. As toddlers we are beginning to learn from our intellect from what we picked up from our earliest days and use the information to help us with our continued learning throughout our lives. As children we build upon what we have learned and use this as our tools to better our understanding. As we grow through puperty both our body and mind is iniiating us for our journey into adulthood and during our adolescant we have to handle our experiences on an entirely different plane that makes us look to our parents as being the nightmare in their lives with our parents wondering why we can't learn from them. But it is us who have to find out ourselves what is going on is ourselves.
Our journey into adulthood will take on for us an entirely new meaning. On one side of the fence is our education where we have to succumb to teaching perhaps things we would prefer not to do but are aware has to be done. Then becomes the decision to further our education with degrees or go down the job hunting road.
Perhaps the qualifications we succumb to bear no relationship to the jobs we acquire but the show to our employers our aptitude for creativity or becoming leaders.
Then other choices intervene. We have a job and we choose to start a family  and once again our life moves into a new cycle and we will make more choices.
Some of us will decide that carreers are the most important. Others will decide a family is what life is all about and other will decide a combination of both.
But there are other things in life that can give way to change. Things happen, things that can't be fortold.
Change can suddenly embrace us. It can be our own doing or it can be someone elses. We may be made redundant we may become seriously unwell. We may choose to move to another environment or country.
Our age may play a part in whatever our decision is.
We may decide we want to go back to school and get the qualifications whatever they are..Perhaps they are missing in our life. Perhaps, it is something we just want to do to prove we can do it.
But, the real point is and is one of the greatest aspirations we have and that during our lives it is never too later to learn. That regardless of how old we are it is never to late to start to learn and this we call early learning regardless of our age.
By making up our own wall of the labels we want in our lives, by sharing with others their labels we can find a far more rewarding way of making decisions as to what we want to learn in life because we can view every part of the choices with clarity..