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Lost in Translation

Your Mind Sky built by You for You

Imagine you wake up one day and you can see through the curtains the sun is shining. You draw your curtains and you go outside into the bright fresh air and suddenly you become very aware how fantastic you are feeling. You look up into a very blue sky with hardly a cloud and you think about the sky as being your thoughts. You realise what a beautiful restful feeling is in your mind and your psyche appears to be in synergy with the sky.
You take a shower, make yourself a delicious breakfast and get ready for work. Just before you open your front door you check yourself in the mirror and you are amazed to see a very relaxed face in front of you.
During your walk to the bus stop everyone appears to be smiling and you are feeling very happy they are smiling at you. But, what you don't realise is that you are smiling back. You are so relaxed that you are sending out wonderful patterns of energy that say 'I am the happiest person I've seen today'. What is happening is that the people who are passing you are picking up your positive energy. This energy is infectious and is making them feel good too.
On the bus more people are smiling at you and without being conscious of it you start chatting to the person sitting next to you. You might say 'Hi there don't you think it's a beautiful day'? Of course this is something you haven't said for a very long time. In fact you can't remember the last time you started up a conversation.
When you arrive at work you are aware of your colleagues saying hello and being surprisingly charming, something else you can't remember experiencing for a very long time. Then you hear someone making a sarcastic remark. Can't remember the last time you smiled, is this day supposed to be a special occasion? You reply, "Yes it is a beautiful day isn't it"?
Every day of this week and next sees you in very good spirit. You are unable to understand why but you are very aware of feeling very elated.
A couple of weeks go by, the time is 11.30 am you are sitting at your desk chatting to one of your colleagues when another of them tells you the boss wants to see you. You knock on his door and very confidently walk in and ask him what he wants. He says to you I want you to have some lunch with me.
The point I am trying to make is change occurs when you least expect. There is no agenda. It may occur immediately it may be next week or next month or next year. It all depends on how you appear to progress with your perseverance for the change.
When you were experiencing either Troubled or Dangerous Mind sky your consciousness was hankering after so many could, if, or, would be's, your mind would have been cluttered with either, only or mostly invasive thoughts. It was no wonder your mind resembled a troubled or dangerous sky.
When your mind is being hampered by the stresses brought on by the trials and tribulations or despair in your life, one moment you could be going through your worst nightmare even if someone brings something beautiful into your life although you might be aware of it being something you really want, you are not mentally in tune to be able to accept it gratuitously. Your close friends might be taken in by the wrong impression because you may be giving out false energy, happiness on the outside and feeling dead on the inside just wanting the pain of living to go away.
Anyway a friend says to you there is this really fantastic website with no strings attached. They've got this great Invitation to become your mind's ideal sky. An explanation is given in detail about what is going on inside of your head with your thoughts and illustrates how you can ease yourself away from all your mental pain and torment just by doing some simple mind experiments at your own pace and apparently it really works.
Become a Humpty, come on, what have you got to lose?
Just by giving the game a go you are already beginning the healing process because you have made a positive decision.
Now the one thing I mentioned is that whatever Mind Sky you are experiencing irrespective of your belief there is every opportunity for the game to work for you. The game is an Invitation to you do rearrange the pattern of the thoughts in your mind until you realise you have less clutter and more clarity.
When you have a clear mind, positive thoughts are in abundance, you appear to create at will, all the thoughts you want to be in your mind's sky.
You may notice this serenity when you take a walk in a park where you are barely aware of distant traffic that the only real noise is that of people nature is mostly at peace with itself.
As the days and weeks go by you become aware of so much more peace in your sky. Of course there are going to be those days where the occasional hiccup or panic might worry you and you might think about slipping back into Troubled or Dangerous Mind Sky. But, these mere black clouds you know will be gone before you can blink an eye lid. In that moment you become aware you are back in Flowing Mind Sky.
Should you be fortunate to find your life eternally growing at peace with Flowing Mind Sky you might liken to be aware you have moved beyond into Peaceful Mind Sky. Even there are other skies for you to explore because once you realise that whatever the mood or you sky or your thoughts when you stop hankering after them and you become one with your thoughts or no thoughts you have moved into the beyond whatever you choose that to be.
By now your mind's eye is glowing, buzzing with incredulous energy and everything your want you can have in abundance. This is where your thoughts are at one with your aspirations and elated into the knowing of possibilities.
You are at so much at peace with yourself that whatever thought finds its way into your psyche is never going to be attached to a consequence and now you have given yourself the most prized gift of them all, Peace of Mind.