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Rausing Children

The decision to have a child is perhaps the single most significant choice any couple are going to make in their life time. It is very relevent at this point how both partner are in their emotional well being because at a cellular level their state of mind plays an important role in determining how their child will be devloping emotionally in the womb and onwards after birth. 
Even prior to birth a growing foetus will become aware to the emotional state of mind of its parents and any siblings.  Too much anxiety anger and frustration between family members may take a toll on how a child grows up through life.
We like to believe when our children are borne into this world they are as pure as their label describes
A combination of all sorts of factors will determine how mentally healthy your child will grow from the moment it is born. What are the critical factors; negative stress, anxiety, arguments, attitude, frustration, tension,indigestion, heartburn, exhaustion, illness, relationship issues. Perhaps it is what you do with these labels that is more important. There is nothing wrong with having an argument or gettting frustrated over something so long as the matter concerned is resolved peacefully.. It is how you handle the emotions of whatever is causing your upsets that in the long term is more likely to affect your child’s well being or ability to work with its Life labels that matters.
Even silly little phrases that we as parents might say whilst we are raising our children could be detrimental to a child prior to birth. 'We must be crazy to want to have children'.