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Storm in a Tea Cup

Do you get up some days and wonder why life for you seems compared to a Storm in a Tea Cup? Those of us who often get aggrivated by something very small may find our lives surrounded by steep walls and begin to wonder why our aggitation is confined to us and not others. This may be called 'Storm in a Tea Cup' because it does not involve anyone else but our own little storm. If you find yourself in this situation have a look at the skies of troubled and dangerous Mind then to Flowing Mind and just ponder the idea of the pleasantries of being in flowing mind sky. If you can make a habit of thinking this way once a day there will come a time when you will wake up to perhaps a ripple in a wave in your tea cup. A good thing to remember is if you ever want to witness the furore in the Dangerous Mind Sky you could easily sample what mother nature can do at the snap of her little finger.