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To Be Continued?

Endangered Dpecies

The industrial Age created a revolution in invention. Everywhere new ideas sprung up and visons were created to be seen visually. In the UK in Suffolk during the early Victorian Era the new invention was to extend the coast out to sea so people could feel what it was like from walking on land to almost walking on water where buildings were erected to amuse the society of the time iand bring forth a new culture that would last throughout almost two centuries.
It is an ironic thought that man is concerned for the animal kingdom dying species but doesn't appear to be that concerned for another species appearingly in its death throws.
The Pier, dissappearing fast. Why you might ask? Because man can be contemptuous too in his intention as to where his priorities lie.
The pier as very much of  past and certainly my genre.
But now they are falling apart ravaged by the relentless sea and man's disinterest in their well-being. Society appears not to be so concerned for their fate. Only perhaps when they are gone will they be trully missed.